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Why choose vacuum packaging?

Vacuum packaging involves the gas-thight packaging of a product that greatly reduces the itermediate spaces and as a result the reactive gases within the product. This also ensures that the most commomly used packaging film fits snugly. Of particular importance is that only a little oxygen remains in the packaging. The products are labelled "vacuum packed".

This type of packaging has several advantages. As with protective gas packaging, the products have a longer shelf life because only a small amount of residual oxygen (2mbar) reaches the product; larger amounts would make the products unnusuable over time due to chemical reactions or biological processes.

The best result is achieved with a combination of vacuum and inert gas packaging.

What is more, vacuum packaging reduces the volume required to a minimum, which means, for example, that the products can be transported in thighter packs.

Polyamide, polyethylene or composite films are used as gas-thight packaging material.
Hard packs are also available on the market. For packaging fresh meat and food, vacuum packaging has now become indispensible.

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